About Me!

I am an activist, environmentalist, realist, analyst, writer, blogger, & avid outdoors-man who works to create a better society for all to love and live in!

The picture you see at the top of my blog I had taken at a local fishing spot in the valley of the Mississippi River.  I spent, and I still spend much of my time on the river exploring new areas, fishing (I eat what I catch), swimming, and playing with my 12-year-old dog Buster.  He is my baby, and he is a Purebred Yellow Labrador with a very white coat!  He loves to swim, play fetch, and catch my fish as well!  Ha ha!  : )

I have a desire for writing to help educate minds and expand horizons.  I am a firm believer in honesty, trustworthy, and loyalty.  When you follow these three essential values, you will not only enrich your own life, but you will also enhance other people’s lives!

Enjoy my blog!  : )



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