There Is Always A Way…(photo)


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There Is Always A Way...(photo)

Never give up! There is always a way to circumvent any problem in life. (Thanks Barb! : )


Monsanto’s Cancerous Glyphosate 50% Higher in CA Drinking Water!


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Late last week, a story broke that revealed glyphosate — the chemical name of Roundup herbicide — multiplies the proliferation of breast cancer cells by 500% to 1300%… even at exposures of just a few parts per trillion (ppt).

The study, published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, is entitled, “Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors.”

There’s a whole lot more to this story, however, but to follow it, you need to understand these terms:

ppm = parts per million = 10 (-6) = number of parts out of a million

ppb = parts per billion = 10 (-9), which is 1,000 times smaller than ppm

ppt = parts per trillion = 10 (-12), which is 1,000 times smaller than ppb and 1,000,000 times smaller than ppm

The study found that breast cancer cell proliferation is accelerated by glyphosate in extremely low concentrations: ppt to ppb. The greatest effect was observed in the ppb range, including single-digit ppb such as 1 ppb.

California allows 1,000 ppb of glyphosate in drinking water

In December of 1997, California released its Glyphosate in Drinking Water California Public Health Goal (PHG) document. You can view the document yourself at:

The document openly admits:

Glyphosate is a non-selective systemic herbicide used in agriculture, rights-of-way and aquatic systems. Exposure to glyphosate may occur from its normal use due to drift, residues in food crops and from runoff into potential drinking water sources.

It then goes on to state something borrowed straight from Monsanto‘s quack science team: “Glyphosate is not mutagenic or teratogenic and there is no evidence for reproductive toxicity in multigeneration studies in rats.”

Based on this blatant lie, California set an upper limit of “1.0 mg/L (1,000 ppb) for glyphosate in drinking water.”

Yes, that’s 1,000 times higher than the amount now shown to cause a 500% to 1300% increase in cancer cell proliferation.

What’s even more shocking is that California’s allowable exposure level was nearly 50% HIGHER than the federal (EPA) level — 700 ppb.

Yes, California — the state where more people are concerned about GMOs than seemingly anywhere else — actually used Monsanto-sounding language in its “official” report that set a higher water contamination level than the federal government!

Glyphosate carcinotoxicity was documented years earlier

Even though California released this document in 1997, the state was already willfully ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence documenting glyphosate toxicity. For example, a study published two years earlier — in 1995 — in the Journal of Pesticide Reform (Volume 15, Number 3, Fall 1995) written by Caroline Cox concluded:

Glyphosate-containing products are acutely toxic to animals, including humans. …In animal studies, feeding of glyphosate for three months caused reduced weight gain, diarrhea, and salivary gland lesions. Lifetime feeding of glyphosate caused excess growth and death of liver cells, cataracts and lens degeneration, and increases in the frequency of thyroid, pancreas, and liver tumors.

Glyphosate-containing products have caused genetic damage in human blood cells… reduced sperm counts in male rats… an increase in fetal loss…

In other words, California knew — or should have known — that glyphosate was harmful to humans. But the California government willfully ignored this evidence and seemingly went out of its way to incorporate deceptive Monsanto spin into its “Public Health Goal” documents, thereby allowing 1,000 times higher levels of glyphosate in drinking water than we now know to cause cancer cell proliferation!

Ten years later, California lowers its level by just 10%

Fast forward to 2007. After a public comment period which was no doubt dominated by disinfo-spewing Monsanto trolls, the state of California issued an updated Public Health Goal (PHG) document.

You can view that document here:

It concludes that the allowable glyphosate exposure for all Californians should be lowered to 900 ppb — still nine hundred times higher than the amount needed to accelerate cancer cell growth as we see in the study released last week.

Read more here (source):

MONSANTO …. headed to Idaho!!


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Gee…I wonder who is responsible for that surprise GM wheat field find in Oregon that’s Roundup-resistant?!John Loeffler, Fountain City, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

It Is What It Is

MONSANTO .... headed to Idaho!!

They are headed your way. Do something to stop them!! Your health depends on it!

Wheat is Monsanto’s new frontier!

“Monsanto will create a new Wheat Technology Center in the Twin Falls area dedicated to supporting the development of best-in-class wheat varieties to help farmers increase their productivity.

The facility will serve as Monsanto’s core wheat breeding research and development facility and the company plans to have 24 research positions housed there.”

Read more here:


We ALL are ONE!!! We ALL fight the fight!!

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TransCanada, FBI and DHS: Keystone XL Activists Are ‘Eco-Terrorists’


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New TransCanada Pipeline  06-15-2013

Who are the REAL Eco-terrorists, “TransCanada?!”  “Eco-terrorism” is a word made up by the U.S. and Canadian Governments that is a contradictory term!  “Eco” means habitat or environment, and “terrorism” is the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.  Peaceful protests and contacting your elected officials to ensure the safety and preservation of the environment, to include the people and wildlife in it, are called for by a plethora of environmentally-friendly organizations like the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Rainforest Action Network.  You cannot  call these and dozens of other “eco-friendly,” grassroots organizations and millions of their supporters “eco-terrorists!”  The TRUE “eco-terrorists” are the governments, including politicians, and the corporations (that run such governments through lobbyist money and bribery) who purposely destroy our environment for nothing more than pure GREED and power-hungriness! “Eco-terrorism” is a corporate-political process that uses fear tactics such as surveillance, unwarranted arrests and even cold-blooded murder to achieve its goal of human rights suppression for regional or global dominance!- John Loeffler, Fountain City, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Documents recently obtained by Bold Nebraska show that TransCanada – owner of the hotly-contested Keystone XL (KXL) tar sands pipeline – has colluded with an FBI/DHS Fusion Center in Nebraska, labeling non-violent activists as possible candidates for “terrorism” charges and other serious criminal charges.

Further, the language in some of the documents is so vague that it could also ensnare journalists, researchers and academics, as well.

TransCanada also built a roster of names and photos of specific individuals involved in organizing against the pipeline, including‘s Rae Breaux, Rainforest Action Network‘s Scott Parkin and Tar Sands Blockade‘s Ron Seifert. Further, every activist ever arrested protesting the pipeline’s southern half is listed by name with their respective photo shown, along with the date of arrest.

Read more important information here (source):

Keystone XL Pipeline Section  06-15-2013

Keystone XL Pipeline Route Through Major Drinking Water Sources  06-15-2013

Leave the trees alone! Stop messing with Nature ….


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Just when you thought that genetic modification was going too far with GE salmon…here comes GE trees! This is pure GREED at work here, and not the betterment of humankind and the environment! We must stop this madness before Monsanto and others kill us all!John Loeffler, Fountain City, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


It Is What It Is

Leave the trees alone! Stop messing with Nature ....

… the price to pay will be high!!

Submitted by Zuri on Fri, 06/14/2013 – 21:55

Genetic engineering of food crops has been a stealth technology, introduced with little public debate and arriving on grocery shelves unlabeled. Now another application of genetically engineered (GE) agriculture is sneaking up on us – the production of transgenic trees by paper and lumber companies.

The possibility that the new genes spliced into GE trees will interfere with natural forests isn’t a hypothetical risk but a certainty.

During our lives, genetic engineering may do as much damage to forests and wildlife habitat as chain saws and sprawl.

Corporations, as Milton Friedman pointed out, exist not to be ethical but to make money. And from the standpoint of a forestry company, wildlife habitat has very little value.

“Growing the bottom line” is what such companies try to do, and among their strategies are clear cutting…

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