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Remember the recent Boston Marathon Bombings?  The U.S. Government openly admitted that they were staging a “terrorist attack” drill that day!  Why do you think  government agencies were present, especially the FBI?  The U.S. Government, whether you want to be ignorant or in denial to the fact or not, stages false-flag terrorist attacks on U.S. soil for a reason.  That reason is to make us fearful of an enemy that is largely made up by our own federal government for the purpose of stripping away our Constitutional rights, so we become enslaved to the will of a government that is not “by the people” or “for the people.”  It is for a government that is corporate-run, greedy and power-hungry for control of all of its people using fear-based tactics like frightening “terrorist attacks” to cover up massive government corruption and scandals to distract its citizens from the truth, and it is for a government to justify war with its main objective of global dominance!  Check out IIF Data Solutions, Inc., then tell me that the U.S. Government is on your side and looking out for your best interests:

IIF Data Solutions, Inc.:  http://www.iifdata.com/core-competencies/role-player-support/

Overview of IIF:  http://www.iifdata.com/about-iif/overview/

RPSS (Role Player Support Services) Application:   http://www.iifdata.com/core-competencies/role-player-support/rpss-application/ 

Application Question:  

Many role players will have mock injuries applied to their skin, including premade “wounds” and/or make-up. Rubbing alcohol will also be used. Do you have any related-allergies that would preclude you from participating in this aspect of the exercise?
  • Yes
  • No

Do not believe everything your government tells you.  Question the questionable.  Do not let fear conquer you, or it will consume your soul! – John Loeffler – Fountain City, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Thanks to Jon Abrahamson for the initial link! : )