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Fearing the Truth! (photo)

Photo left to right: Julian Assange, PFC Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden

Some of you may think that these guys are traitors or unpatriotic. Some of you may think that about what I have wrote about the U.S. Government. In both cases you would be wrong. I loved my country enough to proudly serve in the U.S. Military, earn a few awards while I was soldier & leave with a Honorable Discharge. I still love my country, however I do NOT condone a government who hides behind a mask for fear of being lynched for its wrong-doings! The U.S. is the bully on the block, and nobody likes a bully who does whatever it feels like with complete disregard for what majority rules would otherwise dictate! – John Loeffler, Fountain City, Wisconsin, U.S.A.