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The stunning, jaw-dropping and tearfully devastating true story of the conventional cancer industry is unleashed in a new documentary called “Cut, Poison, Burn.” While celebrities like Michael Douglas are grabbing headlines by promoting the dangerous myths and false narratives of the cancer establishment, Cut, Poison, Burn lays out the rest of the story you’re never told.

If you’re angry about Monsanto and GMOsyou should be just as angry about the criminal cancer industry and how it exploits the bodies of men and women for profit.

Exposing the myths and lies of the cancer industry

Based on over 150 hours of original interviews with top cancer researchers, doctors and families who have dealt with cancer, Cut, Poison, Burn explores concepts like:

• How the “war on cancer” is a never-ending scam that funnels money into an industry that doesn’t really want to find a cure for cancer

• Why cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) are killing more people than cancer itself

• The truth about why the cancer industry never talks about cancer prevention (because they don’t want you to know you can AVOID cancer)

• Why top doctors like Dr. Julian Whitaker warn patients about the deadly consequences of chemotherapy and radiation

• The collusion among the American Cancer Society, the FDA, the AMA and other groups to monopolize the cancer industry and shut out alternative therapies that can save lives

This is a must-see film the exposes the true depth of the crimes against humanity being committed every day by the cancer industry.

Watch the preview here:  http://programs.naturalnews.com/Cut_Poison_Burn__NN.htm

Featuring amazing interviews with top experts on cancer

The film includes interviews with:

Dr. Vincent DeVita, Professor of Medicine at the Yale Cancer Center, Former Director of the National Cancer Institute

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PH.D., Burzynski Clinic, Houston

Dr. Michael Kosty, MD, Medical Director of the Scripps Cancer Center

Dr. James Privitera, MD, Medical Physician and Holistic Medicine

Dr. Soren Nielson, Cancer Smart

Dr. Charles Simone, MD, Simone Protective Cancer Center

Dr. Filiberto Munoz, MD, San Diego Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, Founder and President, Whitaker Wellness Institute

Dr. Leonard Zwelling, MD, Vice President of Research Administration and Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Eugenie Kleinerman, MD, Head of Pediatric Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, Author, Secret History of The War on Cancer

Dr. Ralph W. Moss, Author, The Cancer Industry

Shane Ellison, M.S., Organic Chemist, Author

Dr. Sherrill Sellman, N.D., Author, What Women Must Know

Source:  http://www.naturalnews.com/040624_cancer_industry_documentary_lies.html