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There is NO split between U.S. Government agencies! They all want to spy on average Americans, because they are fearful of us. Why? More and more U.S. citizens are becoming aware of the fact that our government is massively corrupted and most likely beyond any reasonable, simple repair! If you do not believe me then you may want to check my previous posts and the posts of the blogs that I follow! That, and stop listening to govt.-censored mass media reporting!



DOJ: We don’t need warrants for e-mail, Facebook chats

An FBI investigation manual updated last year, obtained by the ACLU, says it’s possible to warrantlessly obtain Americans’ e-mail ‘without running afoul’ of the Fourth Amendment.

08 May 2013 The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI believe they don’t need a search warrant to review Americans’ e-mails, Facebook chats, Twitter direct messages, and other private files, internal documents reveal. Government documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union and provided to CNET show a split over electronic privacy rights within the Obama administration, with Justice Department prosecutors and investigators privately insisting they’re not legally required to obtain search warrants for e-mail.

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