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Texas Fertilizer Explosion and Victims

Jeffrey Phelps 4/18/2013

Another official drill goes live after Texas fertilizer plant explosion

The amazing coincidences just keep pouring in. One giant disaster or terrorist attack after another seems to always magically coincide with some sort of government-related or official drill, practicing the very same scenario, that just so happens to be scheduled at the same time and at the same location, or very nearby.

Coming to light Thursday, only hours after a huge industrial explosion took out a Texas fertilizer plant, also taking out a portion of the small town of West, TX, potentially injuring or killing hundreds more, just so happens to be a little more than an hour’s drive from a huge hospital drill, coincidentally scheduled for the very same day.

According to a blog run by North Hills Hospital, Thursday’s drill had to be cancelled to shift resources from the drill to the nearby catastrophe.

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