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As if Americans don’t get taxed enough! Let’s put a tax on all of our elected leaders and call it a
“Lazy Tax!” They only get shit done when it involves screwing the middle class and the poor!



Senate advances bill to tax Internet sales

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate moved closer Thursday to passing a bill to tax purchases made over the Internet. But a final vote in the Senate was delayed until senators return from a weeklong vacation.

Although opponents hope senators will hear from angry constituents over the next week, they have a steep hill to climb to defeat the bill in the Senate.

The Senate voted 63-30 Thursday to end debate on the bill, setting up a final Senate vote to pass the bill on May 6. The final vote will only require a majority to pass the bill, so 14 supporters would have to flip to stop it.

President Barack Obama supports the bill, but it faces an uncertain fate in the House, where some Republicans consider it a tax increase.

The bill would empower states to require…

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