Something’s a bit fishy in Boston…FBI!

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


Post Invalid and Removed  Due to Error in Tweet Time-Stamp

From the Author

I’m writing you now to retract and correct

statements made in the newsletter I sent
this morning because I am angry that I got
hoaxed and that’s the last thing that I want
to do to you!The video which was broadcast by FKTV
earlier today is an example of the confusion
which arises when a local time stamp is on
a Twitter-feed is confused with the timezone
of a different area – resulting in inadvertent
hoaxes such as this.
On April 15, at 3:53PM Eastern, the Boston
Globe tweeted that in “one minute,” there
would be a controlled explosion across the
street from the library on Boylston St. in Boston,
as part of “bomb squad activities”.
This was one hour *after* the Marathon bombs
were reported to have detonated. This is the
timeline of…

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