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There are images floating around FB that say there’ve been 3 or 4 different oil “events” in the past week or two. It’s actually much worse than that.

1. ExxonMobil’s Pegasus Pipeline leak in Mayflower, Arkansas (March 29)
2. Enbridge’s Norman Wells Pipeline leak in the Northwest Territories (4th leak discovered March 30)
3. Suncor, Alberta Tar Sands leaking into the Athabasca River (March 25)
4. Lansing Board of Water & Light leaking in the Lansing Grand River in Michigan (early April, date not confirmed)
5. Canadian Pacific Rail train derailment in western Minnesota (March 27)
6. Canadian Pacific Rail train derailment in northwestern Ontario (April 3)
7. Shell Pipeline leak in West Columbia, Texas (March 29)
8. DCP Midstream natural gas compressor explosion in Guthrie Oklahoma (April 4)
9. ExxonMobil chemical leak at Chalmette refinery in LOUISIANA (April 3) (apologies for the mistake in the pic)
10. S&S Energy oil tanker and gas well explode in Damascus Ohio (April 4)

– 250,000 gallon leak in Equador on April 8
– On-going oil leak in Parachute, CO
– Chevron diesel spill into Willard Bay, Northern Utah (March 18)
– unconfirmed report of spill at Pembina Gorge in North Dakota
– Train derailment in Winn, Maine (March 7) (reported that no oil spilled)
– Weatherford International spill in Alaska North Slope (April 9)
– Bonanza Creek Energy spill outside Greeley, CO

From my good friend Barb Powell – Thanks Barb!  : )

**Note** The BP Gulf Of Mexico spill was never fully contained, and it still leaks about 400 barrels of oil per day!

John E Loeffler – Fountain City, Wisconsin