The Russians have been dumping spent nuclear fuel into the oceans for decades!


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Off shore waste dumping sites hit by recent multiple earthquakes off coast of Japan

……Regardless of how it got there, “there must be some loaded organic material somewhere in the sediment”, Kanda says…….



There has been another 7 earthquakes reducing in intensity over the last couple of hours reducing to the 4.6 level so far..

These dump areas have been getting alot of strikes from off shore earthquakes during the last nearly 2 years. Why doesnt anyone talk about them?

The areas with dark hatchings are “special” waste sites likely for nuclear and biological wastes and the larger areas for lesser hazardous waste..

What effects are the effected dumps having on the sea life in the areas?

How much damage to the seabed is occurring near these off shore dumps?

watch the visualisation video next to the above pictures to match hits on the dumps..

2011年の日本の地震 分布図 Japan earthquakes 2011…

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