The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed closer to its recently set all-time high with a close on Friday, February 22, 2013 at 14,000.57

This facade will not last much longer!  The amount of “insider trading” going on is so big that Google’s own CEO sold off 42% of his total portfolio – all Google shares! Market analysts on the inside track are sounding alarm bells, so that certainly cannot be good!  Talks of ‘major’ “corrections,” otherwise known as “crashes,” are growing in intensity and numbers.  Europe is falling apart including our close ally England, and countries like Spain, Italy and France are bankrupt!  Last week, Spain begged for another bailout, but the EU, at Germany’s nudging, said “NO!”  “We don’t have the funds to prop you up” were supposedly uttered.  The U.S. economy is not any better!

Our GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, dropped last month.  The last time it dropped the market hemorrhaged.  It’s one leading indicator of where our economy is really at, and a helpful warning of a possible and substantial drop in the Dow and all other markets across the globe.  Unfortunately, what goes up so far (and the Dow will likely peak high one more time before it crashes and burns) must come down to equally sustain a balance.  Here’s the problem though.

The U.S. Government has been fudging its economic books for far too long.  “Cooking the books” as the old adage goes!  You can only make crap up for so long before it over-spills into the general public.  That process is just barely beginning, but it has begun.  Americans want to know the truth from their leaders, but the web of deception is so twisted and tangled that citizens are unlikely to hear the full truth of what is really going on?

We are mostly adults.  We can handle the lies, mass corruption, the raping of the middle class along with the poor class, again.  But, listening requires too much effort these days!  Americans are interesting.  We have been brainwashed into having the attention spans of gnats, so we forget about the really urgent issues our country faces thanks to the CEOs, big banks and mega-corporations running our U.S. Government and running the U.S. into a brick wall with reinforced steel and concrete! The U.S. economy will come to a complete standstill after it collapses and/or China and Russia flip the switch and completely stop buying up U.S. dollars and debt.  THEN, we will have no other choice to pay attention, because it will be a matter of life and death.  Our dependence on oil, our addiction to it, has made it very hard to stop our govt. from gobbling up the world’s natural resources like a cocaine addict following a white line!  After all, oil makes up most of what consumers buy these days, from a toothbrush to a car tire.  We passed the peak, finite fossil fuel oil’s maximum output for the rest of earth’s existence back in 2008.  Saudi Arabia is running low on oil now, because we consume such massive quantities of it.  They had 25% of the world’s oil. We could use a little oil or lube right now.

The historical collapse of the U.S. markets and the economy is going to happen.  It’s inevitable that the false economic security bubble that we are living in is going to burst which will cause a massively painful slide into a negative abyss.  Worst of all, we may not have the resources to just jump-start the burnt out motor of the U.S. economy. Buy seeds, and not Monsanto’s GMOs!  Buy organic.  You’ll be planting your own food in the near future!

By John Loeffler