I think it’s time for us to take a step back, and look at the big, ugly picture in front of us!  The U.S. government has a huge spending problem, and its leaders are gambling away our generations’ and future generations’ taxpayer dollars on a over-bloated U.S. Defense Budget! Why is the U.S. spending more money on defense than half of the world’s industrialized nations combined?  I think the U.S. expansion into Africa (AFRICOM), and its attempted expansion into Central America and South America, in order to preserve its lust for oil and world dominance is a clear indicator.

It is a clear indicator that the U.S. regime has one clear goal which is total global dominance leading up to the New World Order or One-World Government that nobody wants except for the most elite, wealthy weasels that already control world markets. Now those elitists want to dominate every aspect of human life!  So much for freedom and human rights!  Obama’s Executive Orders, and his secret “Executive Actions” which override any orders, are already stripping U.S. citizens bare of the Constitutional rights that were in place to protect them since the founding of America. Meanwhile, our polarized Congress is doing little to nothing to stop what I see as a dictatorial, totalitarian, authoritarian, Orwellian 1984-like society that is unfolding right in front of everyone!  Voting for “the lesser of two evils” (Republicans vs. Democrats) is at an all-time high, every facet of our government has been overrun by CEOs, mega-corporations, Super-PACS, Wall St.‘s gambling addiction, and lobbyists shoveling corporate $money$ into our elected officials’ pockets!

What is our government’s wonderful solution to reducing “wasteful spending?”  Voter-elected legislators want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and food assistance which are the core programs holding together what is left of our once great nation! After all, that’s what Congress really wants in order to preserve their wealthy lifestyles handed to them by Corporate America!  It’s not about you or us.  It’s all about how much greed and power, the two most evil words in this world, our government can suck in before the entire U.S. economic system implodes and crumbles into a giant mound of useless paper money!  The U.S. government will end up with nothing more than a vintage Monopoly game board with a “Go Directly to Jail” card for anyone who opposes its repressive regime.

By John Loeffler