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I live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, with the exception of the bone-chilling cold during January and February!  One of my state’s senators sent me a letter informing me that, in short, mining here can be done safely with minimal environmental impact.

There is no such thing as “safe mining!”  The two words when put together are polar opposites of each other.  I like my idea better, so I emailed it off to him!  You can do the same with all of your state’s elected officials, including your governor, by sending them a clear, resounding message that it is (way past) time to divest from dirty, finite energy and invest in cheaper, clean, renewable energy starting today!  Our climate is screaming for help, and we can no longer let our legislators promote their hidden, greed-laden agendas!

Here is a copy of a brief letter that I just sent off to Senator Cullen:

Dear Senator Cullen:
There is no need for mining of any kind in the great state of Wisconsin where I was born and raised!  Mining for finite, dirty energy sources is dangerous, unhealthy to the workers, and unhealthy to the rest of Wisconsinites, since there is always pollution runoff or overflow.  This runoff or overflow is NOT properly regulated by the EPA or its WI branch!
We have a vested interest to divest from dirty energy and invest in clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydro-electric and geothermal power.  Our environment desperately needs this in order to avert catastrophic weather changes that are steadily increasing in numbers and intensity!  For the sake of humanity and its future generations, please take mining off of Wisconsin’s energy table!  We deserve better, cheaper energy alternatives, and most importantly, so do our children!
Thank you,
John Loeffler
Please email your representatives today!