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Man-made global warming through the release of Carbon Dioxide gas into the atmosphere has accelerated to pandemic proportions throughout the world.  To deny this is akin to denying the atrocities committed by Germany’s Hitler during WWII! Facts are facts, and scientific evidence proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the burning of dirty, finite fossil fuels, and the destruction of forests where trees offset the CO2 – O2 imbalance have both had a profound impact on global warming.  So what does the U.S. do about this problem?

The U.S. engages in geoengineering and weather modification through the use of military jets to spray America’s skies and NATO allies’ skies with chemtrails!  This is in direct violation of the 1977 U.N. “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques!”1  What are chemtrails though?

Chemtrails are the U.S. government’s answer to help ease global warming by using military or civilian jets to crisscross the skies on clear, sunny days in order to produce clouds to block out some of the sun’s rays to prevent the earth’s atmosphere from heating up too much.  Sometimes the chemtrails are enough to generate the formation of rain clouds.  The chemicals they release from these jets contain toxins like aluminum, arsenic, barium, lead, mercury, and radioactive cesium along with a host of other lethal and non-lethal ingredients.2

These poisonous chemicals spread across the sky, and rain down in microscopic particals all over the targeted areas below.  The chemicals in the chemtrails are known to cause human health problems including but not limited to headaches, sinusitis and allergies, asthma, skin rashes and lesions, neurological issues like memory loss, confusion, depression, and irritability, gastrointestinal distress, and Morgellon’s disease.2,3

Why does the U.S. sicken hundreds of millions of its own citizens in absolute violation of international law through the use of geoengineering by spraying chemtrails across U.S. skies?  Because they can get away with whatever they want to!  Since the end of WWII, the U.S. government has the ‘superpower complex’ of being able to do whatever it desires in the sake of what is best for itself instead of humanity.

Therefore, the presidential administration, congress, and other corporate-run government agencies increasingly dictate one failed policy after another!  This is not done in the interests of preserving the human race.  It is intended to control American citizens and the overpopulation of the world, in general.  What the U.S government is doing to its own people and forcing other NATO allies to do to their countries is paramount to mass genocide!  Hostile geoengineering of weather modification through the use of chemtrails MUST be permanently halted not only due to the breach of the 1977 U.N. Geneva Convention, but most importantly because of its ability to cause total species extinction including all but the most elite of humankind!

By John E Loeffler


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