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Mayor Egan’s email address:  dennis.egan@ci.red-wing.mn.us
Mayor Egan:
You have taken on a second job as Executive Director of the Minnesota Industrial Sand Council.  Your second job is a MAJOR conflict of interest due to the harm Sand Fracking causes to humans, animals, and the environment.  Silica, the major component of Sand Fracking, is carcinogenic or cancer-causing!  Sand Fracking is environmentally destructive.  Proponents of Sand Fracking LIE when they promise local jobs to people at a time when jobs, good paying or not, are scarce!  A vast majority of the Sand Fracking jobs go to out-of-area workers like professional truck drivers, industrial workers with plenty of job experience, etc!   Did you forget that as an ELECTED OFFICIAL that you are responsible for protecting the citizens of the area that you serve?  Don’t you think that your need for GREED has overcome your ability to rationally think about the consequences of your actions?
I would call you a Shrew, an Amoeba, or even a Troll, but that would be an injustice to them!  You are a disgrace to humanity, and you better start doing some soul-searching, if you even have a shade of one left, and change your evil, money-hungry ways before you not only find yourself out of a mayoral job in Red Wing, MN, but chased out of the city by a witch-hunting, torch-bearing, angry mob of citizens like you deserve!
Shame, shame, shame on you for allowing greed and power to consume your blackened heart and filthy soul!  You are a lowly, selfish, typical politician whose judgment will come from the almighty hands of God if you do not change your wicked ways!
By the way, I’m helping this news go as viral as possible! *:) happy
Have a nice day,
John Loeffler
Fountain City, WI