Here is a follow-up to a article I wrote titled “GMO Lies from a U.S. Senator!”  I just wrote Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) regarding his letter to me stating that GMOs are safe to eat, properly regulated by the FDA, which happens to be headed by Obama-appointed Czar Michael “Monsanto” Taylor, and “Anything that substantially changes the nutritional properties of the food must be listed on the label.”  That quote is just part of what Ron wrote to me!  Here is my reply sent directly to him:

I recently sent you a letter regarding the safety of GMOs. You sent me a letter back stating that GMOs are safe, our government tests them, so I should not worry about them.

You are WRONG, WRONG & WRONG!! GMOs are toxic and deadly, they have been banned in many countries due to their carcinogenic (cancer-causing) effects along with a plethora of other major health problems, our government does NO oversight of GMOs but instead relies on Monsanto to police itself and test its own GMOs, so I am VERY worried about the deadly side effects of non-regulated GMOs! Also, you stated in your letter that the FDA regulates our food products through biotechnology. You don’t seem to know the difference between genetic engineering and biotechnology which is VERY frightening coming from a senator that claims to know so much about how GMOs are so safe for U.S. citizens to eat! Genetic engineering is a subset of biotechnology, and the MAJOR difference between the two is that biotechnology has been going on since about the beginning of humankind whereas genetic engineering is the direct intervention on the genetic makeup of organisms by introducing foreign DNA into it’s gene pool by means that would NOT occur naturally! This very specific subset of biotechnology enables humans, in only less than three decades of humankind, to create artificial organisms, which are no longer the result of the natural means of evolutionary development. In essence, Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Syngenta & other companies are playing “God” with our food supply which scares the hell out of me, and it should do the same to you IF you really cared about the betterment of humans & society!

You also wrote that “The FDA already has existing standards when it comes to labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms. Anything that substantially changes the nutritional properties of the food must be listed on the label.” GMOs completely change the nutritional properties of food by removing the “nutrition” and replacing it with poisonous insecticides and herbicides that are built right into the seeds planted to grow our food. Furthermore, because of the failures of these genetically inserted insecticides and herbicides, Monsanto & others have had to at least double the spraying of crops to get rid of pests and weeds that have become “Roundup-resistant” to their use. Widespread crop failure has already occurred due to this mass-spraying of crops on top of their genetic modification, i.e. India where an estimated 250,000 farmers went bankrupt after being forced to use Monsanto’s lethal seeds and Roundup, and their crops died off. Even worse, those one quarter of a million farmers committed suicide mainly through ingesting Monsanto’s own “safe” products!

You voted against Senator Sanders’ Amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill, because you said that states already have the ability to propose more limiting laws regarding the use of GMOs. If GMOs are supposed to be so safe as you directly stated in your letter to me then why are states like CA, WA & others trying to get all food and beverages that have been genetically modified labeled and even outright banned? Maybe because Americans are waking up to the realities of what GMOs really do which is the systemic and systematic poisoning of humans, animals and the environment causing mutations and health problems never seen before the introduction and mass use of GMOs?!

Your deception, ignorance and arrogance is appalling, degrading and deadly not only to your constituents but the entire planet! You should be banned from holding any public office for your lack of education and awareness, your inability to properly protect U.S. citizens which is a breach of your senatorial position, dereliction of duty, deception, and flat-out lies that show beyond any reasonable doubt that you are NOT working for Americans but corporate America instead! You should be ashamed of yourself!