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Obama promised to get labels on genetically modified food (GMOs) way back in 2007 (video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqaaB6NE1TI) before even winning the presidency!  He said that all Americans have the right to know what is in their food.  What he said, and what he’s done are polar opposites!  He started his job at the White House by hiring dozens of Monsanto employees to work for him, mainly through the FDA!  How much Monsanto $money$ did Obama accept to win the presidential election?  It is a good question that seems to be impossible to answer due to a cover-up!  Here’s the scary part:


Michael “Monsanto” Taylor is the epitome of the toxic revolving door between industry and government! From representing Monsanto at the law firm King & Spalding, to overseeing Monsanto at the FDA, to working for the USDA & approving unlabeled GMOs, to working for King & Spalding again, to working for Monsanto as their chief lobbyist, to finally returning back at the FDA as Obama’s “Food Czar!” For nearly two decades Michael Taylor has been called out for his close ties to Monsanto.  Now, I’m calling him out again, but this time it must be “Out The Door!”

President Obama said he would not have lobbyists drown out the voices of the American people. That is a broken promise thanks to corporate takeover of our government by the 1% elite such as CEOs, Wall St., “too-big-to-fail” mega-banks and giant corporations, to include mammoth Monsanto!  Since 2010 Michael “Monsanto” Taylor has overseen “Food Safety” at the FDA, and since that time millions of people have demanded and petitioned that the FDA require labeling of genetically engineered foods. Instead of listening to the wishes of the American people, Michael Taylor has done nothing but help Monsanto make more money at the expense of American food safety.  Genetically engineered foods, better known as GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), are toxic to the environment and deadly to humans and animals that consume them!  A few examples of GMO “side effects” are severe allergies, digestive problems including holes in the stomach, glandular shut down, unintentionally aborted pregnancies, sterilization, kidney and liver failure, and many, many forms of cancer.  Obama and Michael “Monsanto” Taylor are not working in the best interests of our country’s well-being!  Instead, they are working on their portfolios to become even wealthier than what they already are.  Meanwhile, Americans are paying the price with declining health, and skyrocketing food prices!  Our own farmers are being sued by Monsanto as well!  Taylor was a planned appointment by Obama.  A plan that’s had disastrous consequences for the U.S.!

Our FDA’s “Food Czar,” Michael Taylor, must be immediately terminated by Obama due to dereliction of duty (the shameful failure to fulfill one’s obligations) and total disregard for human safety, for starters!  Our government has been overrun by former Monsanto employees, and our president is responsible for correcting this epic mess that he created, starting at the top!  It is at least the morally right move, and a move that the other 99% of us would like to see!  Checkmate, Michael “Monsanto” Taylor!

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