From the U.S. debt crisis to the growing disparity between the poor and the rich, our nation is in a unprecedented free-fall into a economic abyss!


The complacent, “I don’t give a damn” state of America is quite evident to me, and

it is a serious pandemic in our country!  Our entire infrastructure is collapsing around

us and in on us, yet we fail to rise up and question the intentions of our “Bought And

Paid For Politicians” from the very top to the very bottom of our political system!  The

elected officials that are supposed to work for us are instead working for the mega

corporations from Citibank to Halliburton to Monsanto, and the seemingly endless

list goes on.  Our citizens must stand up, set their partisan issues like abortion and

gay rights aside, and take back control of our country before it’s too late if it is not

already too late!  First, we must put an end to Citizens United’s 2010 Constitutional

Amendment that allows corporations and Super-Pacs that often represent corporations

to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our politics and who gets elected.

The 2012 presidential election was the most expensive campaign in U.S. history due

to the deeply flawed ideology of Citizens United reaching deep into our legislators’

and presidential hopefuls’ pockets, and stuffing them with a record-breaking amount

of cash.  How much?  Well, the latest figures have not been officially released, but

estimates put the presidential and congressional elections of last year at about

5.8 billion dollars!  That is a leap of 7% from the 2008 elections, and the

presidential campaign has been projected to cost $2.5 billion alone!  Let’s put

a stop to the evils of greed and power that have consumed the United States,

and get rid of Super-Pacs and Citizens United!  Then, we can work on major

issues this country faces like the devastating and record $16 trillion+ that we

have in national debt, getting rid of poisonous and deadly GMOs for good, banning

all forms of dangerous and toxic fracking, and fixing our nation’s severely damaged

infrastructure to include having affordable healthcare for every citizen, moving away

from finite, dirty fossil fuels and investing more in infinite, clean energy sources

(solar, wind, hydro-electric and geothermal), fixing our horrific tax codes, increasing

funding for college education, and repairing our roads and bridges, to name a few!

We can and must act now to keep America moving down the path of positive change

vs. the extremely negative and dismal death trail that we are marching down at this time.

It is not a matter of IF the U.S. economy will collapse but WHEN it will fall into “The Greatest

Depression,” which will make The Great Depression of the 1930’s look like a cake walk

in the park we call home!  Contact your legislators and President Obama.  Let them

know that “We The People” are holding them accountable for the epic disaster we are in

right now.  Use your voting power, increase your knowledge of current events, sign

petitions and “Rally For Righteousness!”  Stop being a “One-Issue Voter,” and look

at the whole puzzle instead of one piece; therefore, limiting your decisions based on

the partisan politics that our leaders want us to stick to in order to keep us divided and

stuck in a worn out, out-dated two-party system!  We deserve better, and we must demand

better now before the road to our future crumbles beneath us!

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