Here is what I sent my Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) today:

Here is what you stated to me via email: “I do not support attempts mandating the Pentagon to undertake a “green” energy agenda. The additional resources allocated to purchasing expensive alternative fuels will take valuable resources away from other national defense priorities. America’s military leaders should only consider purchasing alternative sources of energy when they become cost competitive and a better deal for taxpayers.”

Why are we not moving towards the inevitable green energy & INFINITE sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro-electric and geo-thermal power? We are completely capable civilian-wise and military-wise to make this happen, however the main obstacle I hear and feel is that we are going to effectively limit and/or shut down all the dirty forms of FINITE fossil fuel energy we still have out there of which they are becoming increasingly difficult to retrieve! Common sense, Senator Johnson, would dictate a move away from dirty fossil fuels that are heating up our planet, and making global warming even worse! I would like to hear a really good answer, other than the need for greed or power, as to why our leaders are still insistent on using outdated, overly expensive, heavy pollutant, dirty fossil fuel energy sources that we no longer need thanks to technology and a extreme overabundance of clean, pollutant-free, green energy sources with good paying jobs!

Johnnie Schmeckpeper