In this April 2011 Congressional Report you will find all the nasty crap that the Hydro-Fracking companies are injecting into the ground.  20,000 lbs. of these chemicals per Frack using 1.8 – 3 million gallons of freshwater per well injection site too.  Each well can be Fracked up to 18 times!  Only a high estimate of 70% of these chemicals are recovered from the ground, so the rest of it seeps into the ground, groundwater, your well water, streams, rivers, lakes, etc.  The recovered chemicals are kept in above-ground lined ponds with a seepage failure rate of 60%!  Need I say more?  Copy & paste the link below into a new page:

Fracking chemicals and compounds are highly toxic, flammable, carcinogenic and extremely dangerous!  There is no reason, other than pure greed, to be using this very environmentally destructive process of Fracking in any form when we have wind, solar, hydro-electric and geothermal power directly from inside our own earth (Iceland is 100% renewable energy now mostly due to geothermal power) to use that will create plenty of new, good-paying jobs in the renewable energy field!  Write your Congressional Representatives and urge them to enact a permanent ban on all forms of highly toxic Fracking!  Sand or Silica Fracking is dangerous too considering Silica is a known cancer-causing agent that can blow for miles, settle on everything and is impossible to effectively clean up!  Act now before America becomes a toxic waste dump worse than what it already is:

John Loeffler (a.k.a. Johnnie Schmeckpeper)

Fountain City, WI