Hemp is nature’s cure for most everything. It’s not being used, because it would bankrupt mega-corporations intent on using out-dated, toxic technology!


The short answer is, “Yes.” The long answer is, “Yes, and here’s why.”

I was going to write an article about how hemp is by far the most useful and beneficial plant ever found in nature. There’s almost nothing you can’t make from hemp, from medicines that actually cure things with no toxic side effects, to far superior hemp concrete; plastics that are either biodegradable or will last for decades, to replacement auto body parts that are stronger than steel. Paint used to be made with hempseed oil that was far better than anything we have available today.

You get the same amount of fiber from one acre of hemp as four acres of trees and you can get one harvest a year (two in the south) as apposed to one harvest of trees every twenty years. (A no brainer, right?)

I was going to write that but, when I…

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