Shame on the Walton family and Walmart, in general! Their stores should be permanently shuttered closed!


Each Black Friday we hear all about Walmart, from the jaw-dropping discounts that make competing customers resort to gunplay – to the deaths by trampling. This year, we’ve been hearing about coordinated strikes, walk-outs and protests as Walmart workers have begun to resent the depths of their corporate exploitation. But we don’t hear about the rampant corruption uncovered in Walmart’s expansion operations as multiple bribery probes continue to widen.

Walmart is the biggest retailer in known history, employing one million US workers and making $3.63 billion in profits just in the most recent quarter. Obviously, a business this size will hold a lot of sway in media where they are regular advertisers. Maybe that’s why we’re not hearing about a global bribery scandal which should be leading to perp walks, but so far, is barely being reported.

Kudos to the Boston Globe for updating the story that David Barstow…

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