by John Loeffler

The title says it all for the 99.999% of us who are not wealthy and run the world like the Bilderberg group does, major CEOs of major corporations like Monsanto, Bayer, BP, Shell, Wall St., Halliburton, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, GM, Ford, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Verizon, and the never-ending list of thieves goes on!  The cause and effect scenario I am laying out is simple and clearly stated.  The Bilderberg group, the elite of the elite of this world, are responsible for what’s going on in every country, especially the downfall of the United States of America.  They want to bring about a one-world government where the richest of the rich control everything you say, do, and buy.  They have their minions in some of the biggest, greediest, most corruptly run companies the history of our world has ever witnessed (see tiny list above)!  From dirty and increasingly expensive forms of fossil fuels to GMO-produced poisonous food and beverages to mortgage companies and Wall St., they are all making a figurative and literal killing off of us to further their objective of becoming so wealthy and worldly dominant that the average Joe or Jane has no say in what goes on any longer.  Free speech is quickly becoming a thing of the past due to Obama’s secretly passed Executive Orders, increased use of drone strikes, spying on our own citizens, spraying us with toxic Chemtrails to slow global warming AND use those same Chemtrails to control global weather to use against us to “control” us and also our enemies, forcing us to eat genetically modified food (GMOs restricted or outright banned in 50 countries to date) that is made with built-in insecticides, having to spray those GMO crops with twice as much herbicide to kill off herbicide-resistant strains of weeds from overuse of weed killers, and letting us mortgage our homes in a over-priced market causing a massive housing bubble burst that sent millions of U.S. citizens into bankruptcy with no home left!  And the list goes on!  My point is that our society has become so complacent, naive, ignorant, and down-right gullible that we will believe anything the government-controlled mass media feeds us causing a whole host of problems from all forms of toxic and carcinogenic Fracking or Fracturing like Hydraulic Fracturing or Sand Fracking to corruption on a massive scale that has leaked its way into the very foundation of our government that is supposed to protect and serve us!  Citizens United’s 2010 Constitutional Amendment gave corporations the right to individualism and unlimited campaign contributions which gave us the most expensive political election year (2012) ever!  CEOs and their corporations are using a massive funnel of billions of dollars to lobby our elected officials from the very top down to your most local representatives in every federal, state and local government office in the U.S.!  We allow this to happen (cause), and then we wonder why things are so bad (effect)?!!  To make matters worse, our politicians and these major corporations, in compliance with what the Bilderberg group wants to have done, have deeply divided the United States in such a partisan fashion that it will take a miracle in order to bring us all together to fight the massive fraud and corruption that has consumed our nation and most other nations in the world.  All in the name of the almighty dollar and need for power!  As long as we allow greed and power to dominate us we will be helpless and hopeless to take back anything resembling a normal society based on easily obtainable, finite sources of energy with good paying jobs, and the need to direct our own fate instead of letting the most elite do it for us.  You can see where it’s led us so far!  Don’t like the direction we are heading?  Quit complaining, rise up and create positive change by getting rid of the negative “Cause and Effect” that has stricken almost all of us like a resurgent case of Polio!