Our food supply is poisoned by Monsanto & other companies!

I never give up!  Don’t be discourage, depressed, disappointed, etc. that Prop. 37 failed to get a majority of votes in California.  This is a grass-roots effort that has been mobilized using the least amount of money as compared to the dirty, crooked, fraudulent, corrupted souls at Monsanto & other companies!  They outspent us, and Americans have been and are dumbed down and naive enough to believe that shit that comes out of Monsanto’s dirty, pathetic, criminal mouth!  We will win in the end!  We have momentum on our side now, and we must continue to push state by state to ban GMOs outright starting with the April 2013 elections and progressing from there.  Don’t give up!  That’s what this evil, rotten monopoly of a corporation called Monsanto wants!  We will be better human beings, save millions if not billions of lives, protect our animals and the environment even if we have to win one chunk at a time!  We will dismantle the complex puzzle of money trails, lies and deception that Monsanto and others have purposely confused voters with, and we will educate our citizens on what is good and righteously just for them!

 In solidarity,

John Loeffler