I am having a rough time living on my own on Disability w/my Purebred
Yellow Labrador (12 yrs. old) Buster.  I can and do make my dollars
stretch, and I’ve been doing this for a long time!  I lived
with a very financially irresponsible partner for over 10 1/2
years, and it caused me financial hardship, because I got stuck
paying more than my fair share of the bills the last 8 1/2 years
of the relationship.  I struggle every month, but I make things
work.  I’m lucky to have excellent health insurance for now.
I feel that despite who gets into office that a vast majority of
Americans will be screwed when it comes to jobs, healthcare and
more importantly the education of all who want it!  Education
seems to have been lost in the ground-swell of important matters.
Obama has brought it up, but it’s kind of hard for a Democratic
President to get anything done with a Republican controlled
legislature that has admitted to sitting on its hands just to
make the President look bad!  Partisan politics is at an all-time
high as is corruption and lobbyist (Super PACs) spending to buy
votes on both sides of the political isle.  Our politicians are too
busy stuffing their pockets with money to care about how the middle
class has dropped into the poverty level at a staggering pace!
I hate talking politics, but the corruption and fraud is so rampant
that we need to clean house from the very top to the very bottom (local)
in order to restore order to our disastrous and collapsing economy!
We will be falling into a massive depression with hyper-inflation due
to the U.S. Govt. w/the help of Germany printing out more American
dollars than what we have in gold reserves to cover those new bills!
Citizens United MUST be overturned!!  Their Constitutional Amendment
in 2010 is responsible for this political out-of-control record
campaign spending of the past two years, especially this year’s record
spending.  As a result, corporations like Monsanto, Kellogs, Pepsico,
Smuckers, Kraft, etc. etc. etc., can spend as much money as they want
to do whatever they want like blatantly lie about how bad genetic
labeling of food is and how expensive it is.  We all know it will cost
nothing to put a phrase on a label, but Monsanto & cos. are making it
seem like consumers will suffer.  Lies, lies & more lies!  Consumers
will suffer from hyper-inflation starting this next year, and it’s not
going to be pretty!
Grow your own gardens, don’t let the govt. know
about it, otherwise they will come and tear it up and arrest you!
Be as self-sufficient as humanly possible, and most importantly…
be kind and supportive to one another!  We are all in this giant mess
together, and it will take our collective efforts to get us back on
the right track.
In solidarity,
John Loeffler (Schmeckpeper)