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by John E Loeffler  10-22-2012

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster on March 11, 2011

All of the economic upheaval, land grabbing for dangerous fracking, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) poisoning our food supply, govt. & military chemtrail experiments in the skies raining down on us (harmful nano-particles), and the list goes on!  You would think that these would be the most pressing issues we face.  Think again!

The nuclear reactor at Daiichi, Japan is exposed to the open air causing Japanese citizens well outside the “containment area” to become sick from radiation poisoning.  To make matters worse, government officials have not done anything to contain the breach of the reactor, and it’s slowly sinking into the ground.  One minor earthquake in that area or the reactor sinking another 4-6 feet will cause a catastrophic meltdown 85 times greater than Chernobyl!  How does that affect you?

The meltdown and subsequent release of radiation will be so dangerously toxic that it will make our earth uninhabitable!  That’s right.  Should the Daiichi Reactor melt down, which is a highly significant scenario, life on earth will cease to exist due to massive radiation poisoning!  And the Japanese officials are doing a great job of covering up the seriousness of the issue at hand.  Our own government is aware of it, but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media news coverage, because it would cause mass panic.  That, and Americans would demand that something be done right away to prevent this from happening.  The Soviets did their job with Chernobyl by dumping tons of concrete into the reactor, then they built a massive containment shield around the site.

Japan better get their shit together, quit lying to the world about the reactor’s dire situation, and fix the problem before we all die a horrible death!Image