There seems to be an awful lot of confusion these days as to who is supposed to be in charge of what.  Our President? Congress?  The EPA, FDA, USDA, DNR, CIA, FBI, and the list goes on and on!

I’m here to tell you that they are all puppets to mega corporations run by members of the extremely secretive Bilderberg Group which started in May of 1954.  These super wealthy, super influential business people control what, when, why, and how things are run in our crumbling society.  They want world dominance and a one-world government not run for the people but for themselves to control the people!  Sounds like something out of the movie “The Omen” where the Anti-Christ rises to power doesn’t it?

Well, that is ultimately what is going to happen whether they like it or not.  This stealthy Bilderberg Group has political and financial influence over the entire world, and they are not afraid to use their ruthless powers to get what they want and when they want it!  I wish I could say that this is just a game, and that we will all wake up in the morning, and the good team, us, will have won.  However, those with the most wealth and power always come out ahead.  I would think a vast majority of people out there would have figured this out by now, but apparently they either have not or they just don’t give a shit!

So, what is going to happen?  Our society, and our rights and freedoms are being dismantled under our own noses as I type away.  Say goodbye to the good old days when your vote used to mean something.  Kiss those American jobs shipped to foreign countries goodbye as well.  They are never coming back!  Control and domination through the use of lying, deception, manipulation, money and schemes are the name of the Bilderberg’s game.  They want us to be naive, ignorant, feel hopeless, fearful of reprisal by our own government that is supposed to protect us not squash us like a pest (via Monsanto’s and others GMOs).

If we do not rise up, take to the streets en mass, mass demonstrations that is like the Europeans do quite often, then we are doomed to fail.  We can play the blame game, but ultimately the power has and will always be in our hands to change this world for the better, protect earth not destroy it via mining, toxic spraying, genetically modified foods, insects and other species, and using nuclear energy who’s waste needs to be stored for centuries to become non-harmful, etc., etc. etc.!

Wake up America and the rest of the world!  We are at or even past the tipping point, and unless we do something drastic to take back the earth, then our criminally executive society will emerge victorious.  Life will literally become a living Hell!