The Upcoming Upheaval

by John E Loeffler

Our government is in disarray.  All branches, i.e. the FDA, EPA, USDA, DNR, are miserably failing us!  They have been bought and paid for by mega corporations like Monsanto and Pfizer.  You will soon find yourself on your own and having to defend your very life and fend for yourself for food and clean water.  The end of our technology boom is coming thanks to the beginning of it, and the need to interfere with what God and nature provides for us via natural remedies for illnesses and diseases.

Our government and larger than large corporations are corrupt beyond repair.  It is all about how much money and power they can rake in, however that money will soon be worthless due to the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar and other currencies throughout the world.

Science has run amok.  Genetically modifying food and anything else these companies can get their filthy, greedy hands on has caused more problems than what we already had!  We are still chanting “Drill Baby Drill” for finite sources of energy, so the rich can get richer while we rely on outdated forms of energy.  We should be mass-producing wind mills, solar panels that can sustain every structure without having to be tied into a national power grid, and using the power of water via natural flows and geothermal energy.

Our society is crumbling under our very feet, and we are allowing it to happen, maybe because we feel powerless to do anything about it.  The power has always been in the people’s hands.  We must take to the streets, and demand positive action for the advancement of our civilization before it completely collapses!  The Europeans are good at protesting en mass.  Why are we so quiet and even docile like a Doe?  Americans need to pick their lazy asses up, and start demanding real answers to very serious problems like our economy, poisoned food supply, depleted and contaminated ground and water, and ending our reliance on fossil fuels for good!  We have the technology to make this happen.  That is all that is lacking is our ability to stand up and demand change!