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Remember this?

Brian Iverson

Frac Sand Resources Inc.
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area 
Mining & Metals
  1. Keystone Energy Advisors, LLC
  2. Frac Sand Resources, Inc
  3. Terra Natural Resources LLC
  1. Iverson Real Estate Corp.
  2. Accent Construction, Inc
  1. 2 year at Anoka Ramsey Community College
Do you REALLY think that your two year degree,
so-called expertise on fracking, and desire to
become wealthy at the cost of taxpayers in WI
and MN is going to happen?  I hope you have a
Academy Award-winning group of attorneys to assist
you in the controlled demolition and destruction
of one of the last pristine, non-drilling, non-
blasting areas left in the United States!  Your
Texas team of Ike and Ryan Thomas better know their
fracking business, as they should, since Texas has
been destroyed by Sand and Hydraulic Fracturing or
Fracking!  Is that not why they came up here?  Texas
has the worst environmental record in the U.S.
•A 34 billion dollar budget deficit
•Texas Ranks #1 in population living below the poverty line ( 17.2 % ).
•Worst environmental record in the United States
•Ranks #1 in illiteracy
•Ranks # 1 on the poorest gun regulations in the US and highest per capita gun murder rates in the US
•Ranks #1 with the highest real estate taxes per $1,000 value of a home in the United States
•Ranks #1 in the lowest high school graduation rate
•Ranks #1 with the highest interest rates “pay day” companies can charge
•Ranks # 1 in those making below minimum wage
•Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in Teacher Pay
•Ranks # 1 (26.5%) who lack health insurance
•Ranks # 1 (20.3%) of children who lack health insurance
•Ranks # 1 in the highest per capita executions in the world
•Ranks # 50th in $ spent for Medicaid for the poor and children
•Ranks 50th ( dead last ) in $ spent on its citizens
•Ranks # 1 in the # of food insecure children.
•Ranks 49th ( the 2nd lowest ) in Medicaid $ given to nursing homes
•Ranks 2nd highest in teen births
•Ranks #2 with the highest home insurance rates
•Ranks #2 with the highest sales tax
•Ranks 49th in $ funded for the mentally ill
•Ranks #1 with the highest overall pollution rate
•Ranks #1 in adults under correctional control
•Ranks #1 in adults under probation
Oh yeah, the vaunted job creation in TX is because of the gas/oil boom there…….
Texas wants to secede from our own country, and you
do business with traitors?
Oh wait…
Brian Iverson has been accused of securities fraud and self-dealing by a group of investors associated with two other mining start-ups in Montana. [See text of Montana complaint in Appendix D.] Less than two years ago, Iverson filed for bankruptcy to relieve more than $21 million in debt stemming from past business ventures and personal guaranties he gave as security for business loans.
And what’s with the payoffs to farmers to ruin their land with the promise of “Sand = Jobs?”
I was at the August 9th Buffalo County Board of Adjustments Meeting, and you must have shelled
out some chump change to convince the morons with your brand new Glacier Sands LLC bright, neon
green shirts with “Sands = Jobs” on the back of them to believe the shit that’s coming out of
your mouth regarding the creation of NON-PERMANENT jobs that you stated would be about 42 for
the Glacier Sands LLC Sand Fracking disaster!  Another 46 for truck driving, but you admitted
that those jobs would go to the most qualified drivers, most likely your drivers parked outside
our border waiting to rumble in and crumble the area’s infrastructure!
Speaking of infrastructure…you never did address my concerns with Glacier Sands LLC/Seven
Sands LLC, and all of your other scheming sand fracking business ventures as far as YOU, Ike
& Ryan Thomas cleaning up all the damage done to roads from hauling tons of sand in dump trucks
from Buffalo County, WI to whichever county will accept your waste.  Winona, MN already said “NO!”
What about the infrastructure damage to residences and businesses that will find structural damages
in the form of foundation, wall, ceiling, floor, and other cracks or forms of destruction directly
related to the very heavy toll the buildings will endure from endless rumbling vibrations of trucks
running up and down various roads while you are “fracking around” here?  Are you THAT ignorant where
you do not know of a little thing called “Class-Action Lawsuits?”  YOU will have to reimburse every
property for damage done…NOT the taxpayers!  I know that it would take away the millions of dollars
you, Ike and Ryan Thomas of Texas, have worked so diligently for in the form of cheap payoffs to
your “sugar-coated” farmers, i.e. Glacier Sands LLC, who were dumb enough to buy into your get-rich-quick
Last, but certainly not least, you should be ashamed of the lack of conscience you have regarding
defrauding innocent people for the purpose of gaining wealth and power (two of society’s worst
traits)!  With all of these negative articles floating around about the dangers of Silica or Sand
Fracking, I would think you would know better than to try to sneak under the radar of our pathetic
legal system, starting with Dell Twidt, Buffalo Co., WI Temporary Supervisor, the Board of Adjustments,
and any other negligent politicians who do NOT represent the best interests of our area.  Ever hear
of a moratorium?  I bet you have!
Do you think that moratoriums only exist to fight terrible events like ANY form of fracking?
Nope.  Moratoriums can permanently shut down “junk” operations, and they can lead to referendums
like a state-wide ban on all forms of fracking, and getting rid of people and entire boards who do
NOT represent the best interests and safety of its citizens!  You might want to rethink who you are
“Fracking Around With in Wisconsin and Minnesota!”
Concerned Citizen/Activist,
John Loeffler
Fountain City, WI
P.s. Go ahead and “Google” me, or try to find a criminal record of any kind on the WI Circuit Court Access System.  Unlike you, I have a clean conscience and no record (i.e. fraudulent practices)!