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Hey Joan Schnabel & Jeff Falk of Buffalo Co., WI RE:  FRACKING

First of all, check out this website:  http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/
There are plenty more reputable websites with credible knowledge on
fracking.  Want more?  I’ll send you a HUGE list if you are too “busy”
to research this issue for yourselves.
Do you think I’m screeching now Joan Schnabel, 66 Liberty, 687-8486, or
Jeff Falk, Mr. Thinks He-Knows-It-All?  This is a new blog entry with
other very informative entries on the dangers of SAND & HYDRAULIC FRACKING!
Try researching some time.  You might learn something other than bad mouthing
others (me) who are trying to stop a dire situation from spreading even further
out of control across Wisconsin and Minnesota!  Maybe if the media would start
reporting on real dangers instead of being “censored” by our own federal government,
then we could have a chance at real, sustainable change for the better of humanity!
Your fruitless, endless dribbling of conversations regarding Sand Fracking are stall tactics
to buy people like Brian Iverson, and his partners-in-crime, more time to “flip” the tables
at county meetings like here in Buffalo Co., WI.  Either “shit or get off the pot” when it
comes to the environmental, human, and animal species preservation that the citizens of
Wisconsin deserve and have earned.  Allowing extremely dangerous fracking of any form into
one’s own living environment is paramount to suicide!  Stand up against fracking, do the right
thing before it is too late, and jump on the fracking businessmen and our own local government
for intentional neglect of human welfare (Crimes Against Humanity issue) now, not a year
or more down the road, because it will be too late!  I educate myself through scientific studies.
How do you educate yourselves?
Do you think a Doctorate, perhaps, or any other degree is going to benefit you if you keep talking
about the problem, offering minuscule solutions that you do nothing with, Jeff Falk, and allowing more time
to pass for fracking companies to nudge their way in to do irreparable damage to the entire area
YOU live in?
And don’t these pictures paint a beautiful portrait of what Wisconsin’s landscape is turning into:
Do you deem yourselves THAT important where you cannot actively engage the problem,
and come up with a viable solution like a permanent ban on fracking?
If you think that I am going to wait until our waters and fish are all poisoned to the point of having
non-potable (that means not safe for human consumption) water and non-edible or dead fish then you
two are crazy!  Why don’t you get off of your asses, and tell Del Twidt and the Board of Adjustments
that a moratorium is not good enough?  If you cannot do so, why not?
The scientific evidence (that our own federal government has) of Sand and Hydraulic Fracking
is overwhelmingly negative, uses up too many vital resources like land and water, and it will poison
and kill everything like it has done in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Virginia,
Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, and many other states with huge messes of contaminated land and water
to clean up at the TAXPAYER’s expense, NOT the fracking companies’ expense!
Joan & Jeff:  Educate, then activate a plan like I am doing to address the whole problem instead of
nitpicking other people’s work!  You waste a tremendous amount of time doing a whole lot of nothing!
John Loeffler