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This is a problem!  Under Recommendations #1:  Conditional Use Permits!
That is how the frack sand companies move in is by getting CUPs!
Do you honestly think the DNR and EPA are going to keep up with
monitoring?  If you do, then you’ve been fooled like the rest of America!
Schemers, Defrauders, Greedy, Smart But Actually Really Retarded business
guys are getting their foot in the door, then they spread and morph into
Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking Companies who do the most damage, because they
are being “Federal or State Government Regulated,” therefore not being monitored
Think of it as “Humanity’s Last, Great Gold Rush” if you want to.
Except, this time it’s not panning out for everyone!  The one’s
who admire the immorality of Greed & Power will have the last laugh
until they die, and the world runs quiet for however long it takes
for humans to resurface to a non-toxic environment.  Thousands of
years if those radioactive containers of spent nuclear fuel ever
leak out, or we lose our entire power grid, all of the nuclear
reactors in the U.S. go into total meltdown, because we only have
the sustainability to keep them cool for two days or so.  Our own
government has admitted that power grid failure would be catastrophic
for us not to mention the entire planet Earth!  Here’s an example or two:
Our sun is in its Solar Peak right now.  NASA, other onlookers as well,
has stated that we are in a maximum solar flare activity pattern right now.
It started in 2012, and it is not even going to peak until 2013.  The Earth
has been hit by at least three Class X Solar Flares so far this year:

Examples of large solar flares

The most powerful flare ever observed was the first one to be observed,[citation needed] on September 1, 1859, and was reported by British astronomer Richard Carrington and independently by an observer named Richard Hodgson. The event is named the Solar storm of 1859, or the “Carrington event”. The flare was visible to a naked-eye (in white light), and produced stunning auroras down to tropical latitudes such as Cuba or Hawaii, and set telegraph systems on fire.[14] The flare left a trace in Greenland ice in the form of nitrates andberyllium-10, which allow its strength to be measured today (New Scientist, 2005). Cliver & Salvgaard (2004) reconstructed the effects of this flare and compared with other events of the last 150 years. In their words: While the 1859 event has close rivals or superiors in each of the above categories of space weather activity, it is the only documented event of the last ∼150 years that appears at or near the top of all of the lists.
In modern times, the largest solar flare measured with instruments occurred on November 4, 2003. This event saturated the GOES detectors, and because of this its classification is only approximate. Initially, extrapolating the GOES curve, it was pegged at X28.[15] Later analysis of the ionospheric effects suggested increasing this estimate to X45.[16] This event produced the first clear evidence of a new spectral component above 100 GHz.[17]
Other large solar flares also occurred on April 2, 2001 (X20),[18] October 28, 2003 (X17.2 & X10),[19] September 7, 2005 (X17),[18] February 17, 2011 (X2),[20][21][22] August 9, 2011 (X6.9),[9][23] March 7, 2012 (X5.4),[24][25] July 6, 2012 (X1.1).[26] July 6, 2012- The solar storm hit just after 12 midnight UK time,[27] when an X1.1 solar flare fired out of the AR1515 sunspot. Another X1.4 solar flare from AR 1520 region of the Sun,[28] second in the week, reached the earth on July 15 2012[29] with a geomagnetic storm of G1-G2 level.[30][31]
It would take the United States years, not months, to fix our entire grid!
That means no electricity!  No gas, no phones, etc.  We would be instantly zapped
back into pre-electric civilization with no way of stopping it!  It only takes
15 minutes for a solar flare to reach our planet!
Look at Fukushima in Japan.  Scientists & Environmentalists are saying it is
up to 5 times or more worse than Chernobyl!  Why is nothing being done about it?
Japanese and U.S. Officials have been covering up the severity of Fukushima’s
nuclear meltdown since the tsunami hit it.  The reactor was not built to properly
withstand such tidal force despite sitting next to an ocean that is known to carry
massive tsunamis at times like in the 1950’s Hawaii incident caused by a massive
earthquake in Alaska, U.S…and that was minor in size to other recorded tsunamis!
Try to find sites that are able to leak out how radioactive Japan is now.  Most of
them have been taken down or communication links are “disrupted” on a seemingly
permanent basis.
Now, back to where I left off where there is inadequate federal and state regulation.
Our own govt. cannot even keep up with food supply monitoring.  Very little of our
food is tested or tested safe for human consumption.  Don’t forget about GMOs and
where they fit in here!  Corporate and Govt. corruption run amok!
Then the Schemers, etc. win, because they get what they want which is money, a.k.a.
“Greed & Power,” and the taxpayers are left with a ruined environment with no way to
safely cleanse the entire area.  All the fish w/be dead or rendered too poisonous to eat.
You might as well include meat like deer, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, pigs, hogs, cows!
Anything that moves that we eat w/become extinct or too toxic for human consumption!
Forewarning:  This is NOT an attack on you!  This is how I perceive the
new evolution of most of American & International humanity’s thought process:
Does the human brain cease to function at a certain level?  People think
“Great, I have a solution for this,” then they plop it down and forget about
it, are too under-staffed (pick any agency) to get it (the monitoring) done, or
they still only look at pieces of the puzzle instead of the whole picture, i.e. govt.
ignorance, pay-offs, rampant & runaway fraud, the fact that our own govt. and the billionaires
that run it want us reduced by 90% in population, and easily manipulative for easy government
control (i.e. reporting the “actual news” on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, HLN, etc. & all
of their affiliates instead of “allowing” our U.S. Government to “filter” it through use of
intimidation, bullying and threats) using FEAR TACTICS!
So, what do you think now?

From: “barbpowell@charter.net” <barbpowell@charter.net>
To: jelo1317@yahoo.com
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 8:43 PM
Subject: [BuffaloCounty] NOTE: Public Health moratorium study report.Recommends monitoring and extending moratorium

 Bingo!!!  This is HUGE!!!!  Got it today.  Hopefully it will help both of us to stop this insanity!!!!!!!

County Public Health department study recommends monitoring and an extension of the moratorium

Here is a link to the full report on the Public Health web site:
Here is a link to the Public Health resource page on Silica “Frac” Sand Mining
Here is the summary of the Public Health report that was just released:
Public Health Response and Recommendations – Non-Metallic Mining Resolution
Overall Summary Statement
As part of the moratorium, public health was tasked with studying the potential health effects of silica “frac” sand mining, especially as it related to air and ground water quality.  Studying health effects of an environmental substance is a long-term process.  In the time allowed by the moratorium, the public health team searched for and read credible sources of information (articles, websites, etc.) and spoke with many experts.  Below you will find our current recommendations, which are the result of the studies conducted thus far.  this topic is very new and we expect that new research and data will be coming in the next months to years that will help us better understand the potential health effects, thereby allowing us to develop better ways to protect the health and safety of the public.
1. Incorporate into the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) a requirement for a site-specific ambient air quality monitoring plan similar to Scott county, MN (Exhibit II-b), or built off of Wicsonsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) recommendations for air quality monitoring plus WDNR or National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) fugitive dust control recommendation.  This requirement should also include the following:
a.  Monitoring for 1 month prior to onset of operation to obtain baseline data
b.  Monitors that capture PM 2.5
2.  Incorporate into the CUP a requirement for a “review committee” to periodically review the CUP, allowing for information gained through studies such as those to be conducted in Chippewa and/or LaCrosse County or the release of new standards such as those from the EPA to be considered for incorporation into the existing CUP for the purpose of adequately potecting health and safety (Exhibit II-a and II-c).
3.  Maintain the requirement for baseline and continuous water monitoring on residence wells that currently exists as a condition in the CUP.
4.  Extend moratorium as more time is needed to:
a.  Incorporate new Environmental Protction Agency (EPA) National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) into air quality monitoring plans (AQMP) (final rule Dec 2012)
b.  Allow more time to collect baseline, pre-operational air quality monitoring data and set best practices and protocols for air quality monitoring.
c.  Incorporate findings from or participate in other studies concerning health impacts of silica “frac” sand mining in Western Wisconsin (potentially Chippewa county and LaCrosse County) or measuring of PM4 (Chippewa County)
d.  Coordinate getting community, industry, government and academia together.
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