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I’ve been busy tweeting my *ss off, emailing my legislators, heads of our federal govt. and depts. like the FDA, EPA, etc., and I find myself getting more frustrated by the lack of people to stand up, and say enough with the poisoning and corruption!  “Give us our d*mn country back!”  The only way to achieve this goal at this point in time is to revolt.  A major uprising is waaaaaaay overdue!  I’m an educated individual, and I know that there are many more out there who can tell that we are getting screwed big time by our own govt., larger than large corporations and CEOs with the intent on global monopolization and “crowd control (killing off 90% of us).”  We can write letters, spread the information from coast to coast, but if we do not physically take to the streets in mass, non-violent protests then nothing will be done.
The downfall of our so-called “free” society is imminent, and we must take a page out of the Europeans book, and start protesting in huge numbers!  We need to also force every state to have referendums on all legislators from the governor on down to get rid of our highly paid, do-nothing politicians!  Do you get to take a nice, long break from work while our country is disintegrating before our very own eyes?  The House and Senate do!  Even worse, they do it during the worst drought since the Great Depression!  Where is the help for farmers?  What do we do when food becomes a luxury in the near future?  Food prices are slated to rise 4.5% starting this fall and lasting at least through 2013.  I guess it will take mass starvation and poisoned food, water, & environment on a scale never seen in human history to wake everybody up!
The effects of GMOs are already affecting all of us.  We just can’t physically feel it yet.  Forget about having kids in the future, because the GMOs and people like Bill & Melinda Gates will make us all sterile within 3-4 generations tops!  What more do I need to say to convince U.S. citizens that we are at the gates of Hell, and if you think things are getting bad now…just wait!